Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is a short entry, but the content is simple - the other dimension of my Chuck Taylor addiction: Zappos.com. The site provides such bang for the buck, a legal high - almost instant gratification. You place your order (free shipping and free returns) and select standard delivery. When you check your email the next morning, there is a message announcing more prompt shipment - for no extra charge, just because you are a special customer (as all their customers are - of course this is part of their gimmick). Unless ordered on a weekend, items - even if ordered late in the day - arrive the very next day. When I get that Expedited Shipping email, I immediately follow the link to UPS, and get excited reading that my shoes were put on an airplane early that morning, and within a few hours I read the item is in Dallas, on a truck and Out for Delivery. It's like Christmas morning - somebody pulled my box of shoes from a warehouse rack while I slept and they are on their way to me! I had thought that after several dozen such Christmas emails I would get immune to the excitement...but it hasn't happened yet.

Can we say...INTERVENTION?!?!


Anonymous said...

Legal high buying shoes? How many pairs of shoes you have now? DO you need your fix everyday? Does wearing them give you a "euphoria" too or is it just buying them that give you that good feeling?

SarahBowie said...

Yes, it's legal as long as incurring credit card debt remains legal in this country. Your 2nd question - I plead the 5th. I don't order every day, just when I am especially stressed or bored or tired or lonely... Wearing them provides a buzz too.