Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chucks Go to Hawaii...More Stories Coming Soon

I'm planning more blog entries about Hawaii and other topics but have been distracted by writing long letters to my sister...which I really enjoy, but which dilutes my blog juices.


But I can usually find time & energy to blog about Chucks!

Cream-colored Hawaii Chucks go to the luau...yes, Craig thought I was weird for photographing my shoe under the table. Well, I think his plaid shorts are weird - so there.

Look, my white Hawaii Chucks matched my mother-in-law's rug! It's hard to see in this inexpert photo, but the shoes actually say Hawaii on the back and Aloha on the side. And no, I didn't buy them in Hawaii - I bought them online, months before the trip. That's the kind of shopper I am.

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