Thursday, May 8, 2008

Colored Collections

My love for and need of color has taken me from childhood construction paper ornaments (they never looked good the second Christmas but I just made new ones), construction-paper designs I tacked on my gray-wallpaper walls before my bedroom was painted yellow (I always did squares, rectangles and triangles - nothing circular or even curved...wonder what that means psychologically?), geometric color sketches that I tried sewing with fabric and ultimately realized would be better in needlepoint (more straight curves because they were too hard to do in needlepoint, and because even drawing them made me feel uncomfortable - I can't make them symmetrical, which makes me feel out of control). Also my teapot collection - colorful solids, designs, and only enough neutral colors to be pretty when mixed in with the rest, and more recently my collection of Target t-shirts (short-sleeve for summer and long-sleeve for winter)...and not least, my Converse Chuck Taylors of many colors, per other postings on this blog.

Here are the few needlepoint pillows I have not given away over the years - only when Billie reached her dog-year adulthood could I display any of them, since she used to eat an average of one sofa pillow per month. (Once I came home and found a maroon sofa pillow had been dragged out through the dog door into the backyard - I guess she shares my love of color and wanted to complement the green grass.)

I had a few needlepoint canvases framed, for the glory of Sarah. This one is less complicated than it looks - all squares and triangles. My only inspiration for the color scheme was using up old yarn left from other needlepoint projects.

I have not bothered to "program" my crystal power bracelets in the recommended mystical way - burning sage and having a sort of crystal dedication ceremony - but even if they are not "activated" I love them for their color, their comforting weight, and the positive connotations of their ascribed meanings - clarity, courage, etc.

And a special note on earrings (of which I have too many to photograph, although I tend to get lazy and wear the same stainless-steel hoops most of the week instead of pawing through my earring tray for something more decorative):

Wearing earrings, like wearing certain colors of fabric, was something I had to transition back into.... I had my ears pierced in high school and actually liked the look of the thick stainless-steel studs that they put in after the piercing more than I liked retail earrings. Then within a couple of years I came to the warped conclusion that earrings were not flattering next to my face, that I would be more attractive without them. When I stopped wearing earrings, the holes in my ears started to grow closed, and when I got mentally healthier after moving to Dallas and wanted to try earrings again, I could no longer insert them. I remember my cousin Amy yelling encouragement through her parents' bathroom door as I poked at a barely-visible earlobe hole with a pearl earring, squeaking in pain every time I made contact with skin. Abandoning the self-surgery, I went to a Dallas salon to have my ears re-pierced. The Dallas practitioner didn't like the positioning of the original holes and gave me new ones. On my left ear the original hole was off-center, and to get the new hole consistent with my right ear the two left ear holes ended up very close together, making it more difficult for me to insert earrings, even 25 years later...sigh.

I have some beautiful earrings, including a diamond pair, but don't always wear the more colorful ones, although I'm working on myself about that - it is one of my new color-ific agendas, going forward. On our recent Chicago trip I bought four colorful pairs at an artisan store, and I recently ordered several colored-crystal pairs online. I wore my amethyst set today, but can't promise I won't go back to the stainless steel hoops tomorrow (they are super-comfortable).

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