Monday, May 5, 2008

Custom Chucks (combining love of color, love of online shopping...and not least, family memories)

Design Images: Converse (Chuck Taylor) All Star Slip-Ons

Over the weekend I finally figured out how to navigate through the custom design portion of the website, and today I figured out how to capture the shoe design images and paste them on this blog. Oh yeah!, the opportunity to improve my technical abilities was another good reason to buy custom tennis shoes, in addition to bolstering my family nostalgia and exercising my artistic creativity.

I had been wanting a pair of orange Chucks but hadn't found any I liked in the last two months of Chucks shopping. Taking the opportunity to design my own, I thought if I used a lot of the lighter shade (called Aspen Yellow - isn't that lovely?) they would turn out not too overwhelming.

And, since my brother Tim wore gold/orange Converse shoes and the memory of him catalyzed my love of Chucks, I personalized the shoes with my maiden name on the back. My mother used to label Tim and David's white t-shirts for gym and camp by Magic Marker-ing SCHOLL on the front or back in neat capital letters (she had excellent schoolteacher handwriting and printing, polished by 10 years in the classroom). The all-caps label on my slip-ons is a tribute to that.

Using my usual spendthrift logic, I decided I might as well order a second pair so I could "save" on shipping charges (two pairs shipped for the price of one). The gray slip-ons I already have are one of my favorite pairs so I continued the gray theme, with some red touches, in my second custom design. The template is one of Converse's Product Red designs (see the red eyelets), with some of the profits going to fight AIDS in Africa.

Now all I have to do is wait patiently (hahahaha) for my new shoes to be manufactured (these design photos are not of actual shoes) and to be shipped - may take a month or more since they are custom (I'm so special).

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