Friday, August 1, 2008

Especially Manipulative Zapping

(Postscript to my Zappo'ed post of 7/29)

So today I did not order shoes but (oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh nnnnnooooo.....) I realized that Zappos also sells rapid-delivery jewelry and I ordered a few items. Even worse, after placing my order something inspired (no...something evilly attracted me) to click on a link on the post-order page below a silly photo of a bloodhound wearing a Zappos ballcap. The link said something like, see our other furry friends. Oh boy...a long scroll-down of dogs and cats wearing Zappos shoes, Zappos caps, posing inside Zappos boxes ("most popular shoe site on the web!") and beside Zappos shopping bags. I kept looking and scrolling down the page...I don't know why...I guess as a dog owner I like to look at dogs that look something like mine. There were 2 cute shots of beagles which I'm sure triggered God-knows what thing in my brain that will encourage me to Zappo again in the future. My poor old dog Marley doesn't really resemble a beagle any more, but he is one, and I haven't forgotten the tricolor beauty of his youth, even though he has gone white as a senior doggy. So..can I blame Marley next time I order from Zappos?

Here's Marley & me about 7 years ago..he was a young pup of 5 then and still had a bit of brown on him, at least in contrast to my white sweatshirt! Below are the evilly manipulative images from Zappos.

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