Saturday, August 16, 2008

NEW ADDITION to Chuck World

There are always new shoes at Chuck World, most of which join the collection without fanfare, but today we announce something truly special - NEW SHOE STORAGE!, beautifully integrated into the existing Chuck World campus.

The eastern side of Chuck World remains the main site for Chucks, but on the new north end two new highrises have been built that will house such Chucks as are too seasonal (too white or bright for fall and winter, or too dark for spring and summer) to be experiencing current wear. Constructed of canvas, these new dwellings echo the canvas material of the Chucks while providing protection from dust and allowing needed ventilation of rubber. Aesthetics are of utmost importance in Chuck World and the new dual-occupancy units (one pair per tier) have been constructed with the southern side left open so that the renowned colors and patterns of the Chuck collection, still of beauty even if non-seasonal, remain in view.

As is obvious from its name, Chuck World is not an equal opportunity establishment. Clear preference is given to Chucks, and footwear of other materials and brands is relegated to the basement rows of the eastern racks. (The new highrises will house Chucks, and only Chucks.) This expanded housing has allowed several pairs previously contained in the secret stash behind the white plastic bins and white plastic bags* to be brought forward and introduced in prime location, on the eastern racks.

Chuck World is a pioneer not only in display methods but also in atmospheric scent. Its dusty bars of 1990s Yardley's Lavender Soap have been replaced by fresh Tom's of Maine Lavender Body bars, still in their protective plastic but cut open at the ends, situated in the east-rack basement. Early results indicate that Tom's is a much less powerful scent than Yardley's, but further experimentation will be conducted as we endeavor to help Chuck World and its closet universe smell as clean and fresh as possible. Lavender sachets may be revisited, although previous trials indicated their scent was not pleasing in daily exposure.

As is typical of new residential developments, the canvas units, while of high value, do not meet the needs of all residents; neither did the eastern racks. For this reason we have allowed space on the upper closet rack, above the vital rod that supports the new highrises, as penthouse dwellings for two special occupants: Plum-colored brocade Chucks (with gold threading, wine laces and rubber of a chocolate shade), in a wide, non-standard Chucks shoebox, are already in residence. Space has also been set aside for a second special resident, most recently at and currently in transit to Chuck World: limited-edition orange suede slip-ons. Due to fall fabric and color, it is expected that the second resident will spend the initial weeks at Chuck World in box seclusion.

* The white plastic bags contain shorts and slacks that are at this time out of the size range of Chuck World's designer and principal investor. While this is considered to be a temporary
situation, the decision was made to move these items off the closet rods to make room for larger-waisted sizes and more importantly, to make room for the new canvas highrises.

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Anonymous said...

Addition or Addiction - ahh the difference one little consonent can make!
Have you succumbed yet to the urge to customize your Chucks? Let me know when you wish to do so, I would be honored to take up fabric paints and create something magnificently "Sarah" on any of the amazing Chuck blank canvases.
Love, Natalia