Monday, April 27, 2009

Pushing My Art Frontiers - Spam, Florals & Waterfalls

I have loved Spam since my mother first served it. We had it fried with eggs and plain with mayo on bread. I don’t like chewy meat or bland meat so salty soft Spam was a perfect protein to me. I realize that it disgusts vast sectors of the planet!, including my husband. He did gum down a sample grilled-Spam mini-sandwich at the 2008 Richardson Wildflower Festival and allowed me to accept 2 coupons that came with it, and he even managed his nausea long enough to grill a Spam chunk for me on his precious Egg ceramic grill…he cooked that for me out of love…but he will never be a Spam fan.

I had read that many Polynesian peoples enjoy Spam – one of the more disgusting theories is that it’s because Spam reminds them of the softer human organs that some Polynesians ate back in cannibal days – but it still startled me to see Spam on menus on our 2008 Hawaii trip. Not a bad startle!, just a startle. My mother-in-law doesn’t eat Spam and she worries about the heath (classic Spam is high-fat and high-salt, although it does now come in slightly healthier versions) of her Hawaiian friends, but even she had Spam art hanging in her lanai (fancy Hawaiian word for porch screened on both sides that helps you forget your house is not air conditioned).

Before my Hawaii trip, I’m not sure I had ever bought floral art. But a shop I went to several times in walking distance of our condo, that featured the low-priced work of local artists, had many nice examples of Hawaiian flowers. And if I was gonna buy a flower picture, might as well get a waterfall too – I was in vacation mode.

Not too long after our return to The Mainland (aka Dallas) I was at a party at my friend Julie’s house and noticed a print, Point of Origin, that her artist husband Chet Phillips ( had done – it reminded me of my Hawaiian print of Akaka Falls. Paired art is something I like to do/buy – so I had to have it. The waterfalls may not always hang in the same room but they will continue to share synchronicity.

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