Sunday, April 18, 2010

OUTTAKES from Trapped in a Cube

To prep for the "Trapped" essay I amused myself by looking for appropriate (or preferably, inappropriate) photos, using the search phrase "cube woman."

This is definitely not me. I eat to calm myself - I don't meditate. Also my desk has NEVER looked this neat.

Aside from the suit and heels and pantyhose (those minor details), this could be me rushing in late - not because I had a business conflict but because I took too long figuring which of my 25 pairs of orange earrings to wear or navigating (pleading, kicking, throwing treats at) my way past the puppy to get out the house door.

This one is wonderfully metaphorical. Why are they so dressed up though... All the models in the Fotosearch office pics are wearing suits and suit-ettes, except for a few busty receptionist types wearing stretchy tops. If I had to dress in these polyester outfits every day I would bang my head against a wall until the wall or my head split apart.

Here is the standard I always compare myself to, and am never anywhere near. Crisp outfit, shiny shoes, and last & most impossible, a bright perky smile. (But let's remember she is a professional model, not a real office drone. Either that or they are getting real good these days at making office-bots.)

This one could have accompanied my August 2008 post, Selling T-Shirts on the Beach:

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