Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why the Alien Topic

Somehow this turned into a Top 10 list...I feel like I’m doing a corny comedy routine, but here goes... I refuse though to rank the list in reverse order like a radio comic, that always seems forced to me.
Anyway...reasons I Facebook and blog about aliens coming for me:

* Frustration with my earthly body image, a topic I have probably said too much about online already (too much about already online? too much online about already? (Now, I KNOW that aliens don't get hung up on wording like this. It's a stupid earthly problem.)

* After more than 45 years I still don't feel I fit on this planet - neither I nor the planet nor its other residents have evolved enough for the habitat to be right.

* I love the quick and noninvasive medical care in movies like Star Trek - lie there fully clothed and you are hand scanned to health.

* Who wouldn't want to time travel, to be beamed into adventure and out of danger?

* According to what I see in movies, aliens (well, also Earth crews) wear the same clothes for sleeping and daywear. Excellent! I prefer to only ever wear day clothes I could easily nap in. Thus naps are only a posture change away.

* Sometimes the only purpose I can think of for my existence is that alien beings will have fun studying me.

* My dad was possibly the victim (?) (lucky recipient?) of an alien probe in the 1930s: http://benscholl.blogspot.com/2008/12/life-after-life-by-raymond-moody-jr.html

* Thoughts of an alien heritage enrich an out-of-body experience, as I described in my January 2009 post about the Planet Violet: "While combating fear of flying on the way to Hawaii at Christmas, I experimented with a variation on out-of-body visualization...my version was, I'm not from here, I'm just visiting - I'm from another planet. I was trying to convince myself that the turbulence and boredom and claustrophobia I was experiencing on the flight over the Pacific were insignificant in the context of my broader Earth journey - everything was transitory."

* See the Planet Violet blog post for more reasons of arguable merit: http://sarahbowie.blogspot.com/2009/01/introduction-of-planet-violet.html

* If you go to Fotosearch.com and put Aliens in the search box, some really cool things come up, and if you pretend you are an alien you have a better excuse to use them as your Facebook profile.


Library Lady said...

I remember reading Ben's blog on the alien experience thing. I never asked anyone, but it that for real?

SarahBowie said...

I have talked to him about it several times and he has convinced me that it was more real than a dream.

Library Lady said...


This gives an entirely different meaning to the last words of one of the ancient Christian creeds:

"We are not alone. Thanks be to GOD."