Friday, July 22, 2011

I'll be basking in this for a while!

Artist Jessica Torrant has profiled me on her blog! Yes it shows my addiction/obsession/hobby??? to even more people but the fame makes that worth it!

Her intent was not just to glorify me but to show fellow artists the collector's viewpoint. Well, "a" collector's viewpoint - I'm not your average collector. I don't know what an average one IS, but I doubt I am it.

Jessica added this comment on Facebook: "As an artist, I just think it is such a rare thing to get this kind of perspective from buyers. Usually a painting is shipped out, (sometimes) feedback is left or we have a brief email exchange, and that's the end of it. To see Sarah's commitment to not only supporting artists but sharing her love for art with others is a wonderful, rare thing."

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Ruth Sarkari said...

Sarah! This is wonderful and thank you for sharing with the world! Am visting for an art tour!!! What's the fee?? I posted a comment on Jessica's blog too. This is a great way to cross pollinate the marketing of your blog. LOL Way to go!!! hugs