Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family Big Hats for Big Heads

I'm thinking about taking a straw hat to Cancun--I have one I like that actually fits me, I believe it is a man's hat but I try not to think about that too much. I have a large head, especially for a 5'2" woman, and women's hats tend to perch on top of my hair, not come down far enough to provide much sun protection. When Craig and I were in Miami in the 1990s he bought me a straw hat that I still like--it's a light color, soft straw, has good colors in the band and is crushable for packing. Yes, it has some goopy dust on the top from being in my closet for 10 years, but is no further out of fashion than it was when we bought it.

In trying to make myself feel better about the large-head issues, I reviewed some photos of my mother and maternal grandmother. I have their not-so-thin ankles and their not-so-high bustlines, so why wouldn't a big head and big hat be part of the legacy too?

There is so much going on in this group Easter portrait that you almost don't notice the hats Grandma and I are wearing.

1970s hat of unknown origin--clearly, I was not a sun worshiper at any age. (I'm ashamed to report I was reading this book on a trip to a community pool--not sure I ever entered the water.)

And to close the photo is a shot of Craig and me with his parents in Acapulco, 2001 - ARIBA!!! Makes one wonder what kind of hat photos will come out of the Acapulco trip...


Anonymous said...

Sarah - I have an actor friend that told me many actors have big heads. And I mean that literally, not as an expression of ego. It's part of what makes them the pretty people.

Loved the Princess Sarah photo the best. What a doll! I can see the grown-up Sarah in the reading the Victoria Holt novel.

Have a GREAT trip next week!


Natalia said...

As a closet hat lover, I have to say I am delighted that you have shown tenacity in wearing hats even with the challenge of finding them to fit. Were you in Europe, where wearing hats is far more appreciated, I think you'd find them in your size with no problem at all. Proof you need to go on more travel adventures! Love, Natalia

Anonymous said...

Hat for Cancun is a definite go . .great panache

-- susan

Courtenay said...

Is the baby Rachel? You look more like a toddler. Isn't Rachel about five years younger than you and Marc?