Monday, February 11, 2008

Primitive attempts

Set up a blog account today and brought in a roll of red tape to feng shui my office chair. Sounds trendier than it feels. I can't remember if the red strip on the chair is supposed to bring energy to me, or stop bad energy from hurting me, or what. And not sure what the blog will be doing for me either.


PlacementsGalore said...

Can you Red Tape my Cubicle. The Karma beads are questionable. Maybe a bit of Sage to clear the cubicle too?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah!
You are my inspiration. I just put it on my list to figure out how to put out a blog. Then out of the cyber blue, you send me the link to yours. Thanks from your long distance writing circle sister, Pat. (I have a lot to figure out, obviously, like an identity to comment with.)