Saturday, February 16, 2008

The mature princess

Craig has never believed me when I say this, but my name does mean Princess. Proof from

1. the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Gen. 17:15–22.

2. a female given name. [Origin: ≪ Heb śārāh princess]
But now that I am older--let's say, more mature--and not a miss or a fraulein or senorita, it seems right to promote myself to QUEEN.

Try thinking of yourselves with this will instantly feel the power (your power), even if your country is a queendom or kingdom of one.

The queen is well established and no longer has to prove herself. Her desires and plans are of the utmost importance, just because. She no longer has to make a princess-level effort to be charming and may not even be diplomatic. If she wishes to hold court in her sweat pants and sleep shirt, so be it! Whatever she wants to eat must be considered appropriate (see below), and she is to be complimented for her beauty, regardless of weight or complexion.

I feel regally empowered just writing these words.

Typical royal menu: mac & cheese for breakfast, chips & dip for lunch, more chips & dip with Chardonnay for dinner. Cookies scattered throughout.

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