Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another life milestone - Chucks euthanasia


My first custom designed pair of Chucks, purchased many years ago (haha, really only early 2008 - don't do the math, you will be shocked how fast I have accumulated my huge collection), are looking really limp and gray.

Now, granted, the actual fabric is gray, but there used to be more contrast between the 2 shades of gray, the white rubber, and the red stitching. Today these shoes just kind of look like they have the flu.

I guess I could trim the frayed edges that are part of the design, but that would be like trimming a pig's toenails. (Sarah Palin has pretty much ruined for me the lipstick version of that comment.)

Maybe it's more that they have served their purpose. (Yes, my Chucks have a purpose, or purposes.) Last spring I felt so bold getting shoes monogrammed BossLady on the heel. Craig squawked and I felt proud but shy to wear them. Since then I have grown into the name of Boss Lady, mostly because Craig pretty much substitutes it for my name in all situations. And I have even moved beyond Boss Lady to Princess Sarah and most recently (deliciously), Queen of Damn Near Everything (not self-named...a friend gifted me with that one).

Below are Gray BossLady's birth photos. I could post current ones but it would make me sad, and I know readers would squint to see what's wrong with the shoes - they don't look awful to the untrained eye, but to me who has lived with them so closely for so long, the visible change is too painful.

I think these Chucks are too gray & grubby for Goodwill. I may just put them into the trash - not the kitchen trash (so disrespectful, coffee grounds and cupcake icing) but maybe wrap them in a separate bag to gently lay in our green dumpster.

Not today - but soon. When I am ready.

(Original design photos for the BossLady Chucks.)

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