Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marley Houdini (Marleydini)

An email from October 2003 that seems timely to post since Marley keeps yacking on Facebook about being Super Dog...

Today's adventure of the Amazing Marleydini! Left alone in the house for only a very brief time, he uses his marvelous Marleydini Nose to sniff out for himself a 2nd breakfast worth thousands of calories!

Even though the prize is deep inside a buckled bag on a chair taller than himself, Marleydini manages with his short yet preternaturally powerful paws to extricate the tasty almonds! He completes this task without moving the book-bag even a fraction, so that his mother remains unknowing of this near-miracle...until she spies an empty sandwich bag upon the floor, licked microscopically clean by the amazing Marleydini Tongue!

This adventure cannot surpass Marleydini's Grand Feat of 2002 - when he consumed a great quantity of Sunchips that, by the testimony of both his parents, had been left high atop the refrigerator. The Sunchips mystery is a true marvel that has not been solved to this day!

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