Sunday, October 25, 2009

Desire for juxtapositions makes me buy more art

Of course I love this painting I bought several months ago, Red Leaf Tree by Carol Nelson ( I love all my art babies equally but in special ways (the closest I get to understanding maternal instinct).

It wasn't a huge deal that Red Leaf Tree never quite synched with my other artwork...but when Carol's recent blog feed showcased a new piece, Autumn Beauty 8, I knew this was just what I wanted-needed-must have to balance/accent/complement/amplify/glorify both works.

I am always interested in Carol's abstracts but this was the first one that moved me to the point of clicking Purchase. There's something I especially like about the unexpected color combinations and the plant world mixed with non-plant shapes.

Sometimes it almost feels like a selfless thing I am doing - artistic matchmaking - putting together lost halves with their mates. Not sure that ameliorates the sin of debting, but what does...

Both paintings are 6 x 6 inches, plus framing. This small size makes it so much easier to sneak them into the house - Oops!, I mean, easier to incorporate them into my current collection.

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