Sunday, November 1, 2009

Evolving Chins and a Primitive Attitude

When I weighed 115 pounds (I seem to start out a lot of sentences, and thousands of thoughts, with that phrase lately) and Craig made fun of the skin under my neck I screeched but it was different...back then I could just hide the occasional photos that showed my chins, because there were many that didn't.

Since then...the chin timeline has not been kind...

2007 photo taken to thank a friend for the necklace she gave me:

Tipsy self-portrait from my 2008 Cancun trip:.

When I posted my 2009 birthday jewelry photos online I cropped out my neck, although that meant my earrings didn't show. Self-portraits are especially dangerous because holding the camera out in front of me makes a bad angle for the underneck. Here are the outtakes:

Now, if I could gaze at these Sarah photos and truly embrace everything in the images (HAHAHAHAHA), that would be a truly healing moment. A really mature person would not sacrifice the earring shot in obliterating the chin shot.

And it doesn't help to know that in the future when I look something like this lady, I will look back with such nostalgia to my relatively petite chins of 2009 and wish so hard I had them back.

But the silver lining to having chins - is the knowledge that if I lost weight, they would look even worse, like deflated hanging tires... So I guess I will keep feeding them.

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Library Lady said...

You are, indeed, a brave woman for posting this!

I think you are an extremely BEAUTIFUL woman. I don't see the extra chins, the extra pounds, the extra anything-you-don't-like-about-yourself stuff.

I see Sarah. The funny, sometimes quirky, highly intelligent, creative, talented, emotionally evolved, compassionate, great party-maker, Chuck-loving sister and friend. (I could go on and on, but I want to appear sincere because I am sincere!)

Maybe love is blind, but hooray for true love anyway.