Sunday, November 1, 2009

George Foreman Defeats Marley

One night in Feb. 2002 I made some steaks for Craig in my George Foreman grill…they were thin steaks and I left them in a little too long, so unfortunately they came out kind of a gray shade.

I could hear Craig’s knife making a loud sawing noise while he ate the steak (probably in small pieces it was easier to chew). After I finished cleaning the grill I came and sat down across from Craig in the den – he was still sawing and chewing – he claimed the steak was good but to him, all beef is good by definition.

We don’t usually do this (no table scraps, no begging), but when Craig was almost done eating he dropped a small piece of steak onto the den rug for Marley. Although Marley had been lying under the coffee table (supposedly on full food-dropping alert), he didn’t see, smell or hear the meat hit the carpet. Craig and I stared at him for about 20 seconds and he still hadn’t moved. When I made a “good grief” gesture with one of my hands, I guess it startled Marley so he got up…he actually stepped right over the steak piece to come toward me. As Craig and I were hooting with laughter, Marley then dropped his butt to sit down on the carpet, essentially sitting on top of the steak.

Finally I reached out my arm and pointed directionally at the steak with my index finger – now Marley “saw” it and gobbled it right up. Craig and I agreed that he really didn’t deserve to get it (what kind of scent hound is he?!) but Craig sure didn’t want that piece any more, so…

For the next couple of hours Marley continued to pay close attention to the carpet in the den, living room and hallway. He seemed to think that since he had been surprised once, he could be surprised again – a food item might appear at any time.

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Library Lady said...

Reminds me of the many "treat" stories concerning Domino. He is permitted two doggie treats a day and must earn them by performing one of his tricks.

Lately, one of these "tricks" is for Domino to hop up on my/our recliner. There he eagerly/anxiously sniffs around looking for the treat.

Unbeknownst to him -- although he's learning fast! -- I have taken the doggie treat, broken it in a few tiny pieces, and inserted a piece in my bellybutton. It's so funny to see Domino try and get it out, but he always succeeds.

Is that TMI?!?