Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Purple Chucks Photo and Purple Boots Painting

I saw a painting called "Purple Boots" on Daily Painters, during a recent bad weekend…and I tried to talk myself out of it – and I did! For at least a day.

It’s not like I even own a pair of boots right now, any kind of boots. (I am too short-legged, too short, too dumpy, too much of a Chuck-lover, whatever.)

I searched for purple boots on, just to try to get a better synchronicity with the painting I had been staring at, and nothing there even tempted me – too mud-puddle in style, too high-heeled...otherwise annoying.

I even printed out an image of the painting (with my home color cartridge, which skewed all the colors) and convinced myself it would NOT work in the Sarah room. But that same night I had an insomnia epiphany (I have a LOT of those) that the painting would work great in the guest room, never mind the Sarah Room.

I had posted a link to the painting on Facebook, saying I decided not to purchase it, but it would be a find for somebody. Quite a few people said how much they liked it, even people who don’t typically comment on my art postings. Which reinforced that it was special. (I don’t know how that last sentence helps to justify my purchase…but I hope it does.)

Did I mention it was on sale? Whatever that means – I don’t know when it was originally posted or what the original price was, but the phrase “January Sale” did catch my eye. My January is not so bueno, and I am El Broke-O, and this painting is cute… I LIKE SALES!

The artist, Vicki Shuck (, wrote this on her blog about the painting: “I love the swinging of her skirt and her purple boots in the middle of the summer.”

OK, that sounds like a Sarah mission statement.

In my case it would be CHUCKS.

But they would be purple, and I would wear them regardless of season – regardless of what other people were wearing in that particular weather – and I would be SWINGING.

This has been a rough week at work already (it’s only Wednesday night, and Monday was supposed to be a holiday, which it wasn't for Sarah), and I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to write a lot on this topic, but I thought, I could start the post with a photo of my purple Chucks. Lord knows I have some purple Chucks!

Maybe it would have made more sense to not buy the Purple Boots painting and to have asked the artist to do a painting of somebody in purple Chucks. Maybe.

But this painting is so cute. And I think it’s true to the Converse-Chucks mood. SO I BOUGHT IT. Yes.

Come on, guilt storm. (Or don't.)

Here is it: "Purple Boots" by Vicki Shuck (see blog link above).

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