Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cancun Report, part 1 (Bookworm at the Beach)

I will add more text and photos later this week - more hotel views, notes on jewelry shopping, and lots of sunrise surf shots. Please also see the Cancun Highlights sidebar to the right.

FROM OUR ROOM – from the balcony, and even from a napping or reading position on the bed – we had beautiful water views. Maybe I should be more embarrassed to say this, but I could have had a good vacation just staying in the room all week, lounging in various states of undress and sleepiness and watching the ever-changing water and lighting outside. If I had designed the room (a funny thought since nobody would ever ask an indoor lover like me to design anything at a beach resort), I would have put the king-sized bed, instead of the Jacuzzi, next to the window.

MY HANDSOME, SOPHISTICATED HUSBAND was a wonderful companion and professional asset (i.e. did not embarrass me with coworkers or management). These photos may give the impression he was constantly drinking in Cancun – that is not true, although free alcohol was constantly available – at the hotel’s several restaurants and bars, and from our room’s liquor cabinet. It is true that Craig is an especially good photo subject when he's drinking – he gets extra relaxed and smiley.

FABULOUS RESORT – in 2005 an older facility was remodeled into today’s Le Blanc, a transformation that in PR terms took it from “all-inclusive to all-incredible.” With 260 rooms, it’s one of the smaller hotels in its area but has full-service amenities including a top-ranked spa. The exclusivity appealed to my snobbery and need for privacy. It was always possible to find a quiet spot outside by one of the pools or scenic vantage points. Hudson chose Le Blanc over other Mexican resort hotels because they felt it truly offered a special experience. I loved the white interior and exterior walls (the “blanc” of the name), the cleanliness, friendly service, and special touches – for example, every morning, an employee went out to dig the resort logo in the beach, viewable from our balcony.

THE HUDSON AWARDS CEREMONY on our first night was truly impressive, even though I hadn’t had a chance yet to figure out who more than a few people were. I’m not sure where or how the formal Hudson portrait will be used, but we did all cram into a frame together. It was great to meet fellow recruiter Tiffany Bliley (seated next to me in group shot) and other congenial Canadian coworkers.

For once in my life, I felt dressed appropriately and asked Craig to capture on camera "Sarah in a dress" and even "Sarah in heels." (If I look a bit slumped it's because I had developed a massive headache from the 6 hours of meet & greet.)

SWIMMING & BATHING SUIT WEARAGE – I asked Craig to take this photo of me, thinking my blue shirt would look pretty next to the ground floor infinity pool. In retrospect, how silly do I look…in a long-sleeved t-shirt with bikini-clad people behind me. That day was a busy one, with our Cancun city tour and various meals, and it was rather windy and overcast for swimming (not that the weather stopped anyone else, but it dissuaded me).

The following day I had a massage in the morning but put on my bathing suit after lunch. Craig accompanied me to the sunniest, most wind-protected pool we could find at Le Blanc. I went down the pool steps until I was submerged up to my shoulders, but I was still cold, and it was still windy and overcast. There were few other swimmers...Craig was tired after his morning golf game and other people around the pool were dozing, reading, and trying not to snicker at my tentative pool attempts and loud need for reinforcement from Craig – “But I’m still cold!” “Honey, I think if you get more wet, you might feel warmer.” Very soon I retreated to our room to put on dry clothes, which took some time because while there I decided I should photograph myself in the wet suit as proof I entered pool water. (I didn’t want to ask Craig to do the photo because he was sleepy, busy devouring a hamburger, and rarely shares my photojournalistic vision.)

I also captured the image of myself in my new coverup, which is super-comfortable but which I belatedly realize resembles nothing so much as a Grandma housedress. I guess if I was 6 inches taller the look might be sexier, but that is an insurmountable “if.” Not that a coverup is really needed with a shorts-set tankini, anyway.
I have to say that walking around our sunny, airy room's cool tiles in my bare feet, playing with my camera, was more fun than trying to swim at the pool.

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Congratulations! Looks like the trip was overall fun. Glad to have you back in Texas...Natalia