Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cancun Report, part 4 (A small bit of culture)

Craig played golf on Wednesday and Friday and I had a long massage on Friday, but we had planned one major shared activity (in addition to our daily shared activities of napping, eating & drinking): a city tour of Cancun. The tour was simple--4 of us in a van with a driver and tour guide. We had 3 stops: a scenic beach spot for photos (described as the highest point in Cancun, though it looked flat to me), the local tourist market, and a two-for-one: the Scenic Rotating Tower of Cancun right next to Cancun's Mexican Popular [Folk] Art Museum.

The Rotating Tower looked like an ancient carnival version of a space needle, and after hearing that it didn't safely operate on windy days (Thursday felt windy to me) and thinking about Mexico's standards for carnival ride safety, relative to the U.S. (which has its share of accidents), I elected to wait on the ground. Craig didn't argue with me since he has experienced the Scared Sarah and she is not a fun companion. He took some great photos from the Tower but said I had made a good decision not to go--"it went up pretty fast and it spun around faster than I expected."

To get to the Folk Art Museum you walked through a store selling folk art, which made for some disorientation because the museum was crammed with beautiful crafts you would have wanted to buy, but they weren't for was really a museum (as opposed to the store 6 feet away, which sold minor, modern versions of the museum items).

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