Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cancun Report, part 2 (Pools to Infinity)

It would be easy for me to make fun of Craig for calling these "affinity" instead of "infinity" pools, but then I would have to make a joke, too corny for this blog, about how people have an affinity for infinity pools--and more importantly, I can't throw stones because I too was befuddled by infinity pools when I first saw one in a friend's travel photos...knowing I was showing ignorance, I had to ask her what was going on with their fancy resort's fancy seemed unsafely perched on the edge of nowhere. I have since heard the term on cable travel shows and formed the impression that infinity pools are a new trend, fresher than underwater tile mosaics and lightyears beyond hot tubs.

Per Wikipedia:

An infinity pool (also named negative edge, zero edge or vanishing edge pool) is a swimming pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to "infinity"....The effect is particularly impressive where the invisible edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky.
The Le Blanc had a large infinity pool at the lobby level--between the hotel and the beach, so that it appeared to merge with the ocean. There was also a smaller infinity pool on the 3rd floor terrace that from this higher vantage point seemed to merge with the sky, and from some angles the ocean below.

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