Monday, March 31, 2008

A few illustrative Tomball photos

At Easter lunch my brother's family and I spent a lot of our time on the back patio, where it was quieter. I like this photo because it shows how we are observers, watchers, not necessarily the doers - some of the stepnieces were playing with a beach ball in the yard and we watched because there wasn't much else to do right then.

"Teddy" (that's really his name) belongs to one of the youngest, blondest stepnieces, who is part of the family's two sets of twins. In looking closely at Teddy (I admit, killing time) I saw that one of his legs had been carefully reattached with pink thread. Because of the tight stitches that leg didn't bend like the other one did - a lot like Uncle Harvey! At Harvey's second redo of his hip surgery, the surgeon inserted extra metal pieces to make sure the hip wouldn't pop out again, meaning there will be more stability...but less mobility.

My brother's older son Adam might have been a bit bored when this photo was taken. Adam loves these sunglasses and wears them in all types of weather. His excuse is that he can't find a glasses case that fits them, so has to keep wearing them so they won't get bent or broken.

Later that week when we visited a historic farm and nature preserve outside Tomball, my other nephew Jacob was thrilled to have so many sticks to choose from - back home in Michigan he had had to give up his favorite stick after bopping his brother with it one too many times. Maybe I should try picking up sticks and dragging them around - he seemed to get some Zen-like calm and focus from it.

I love this group photo - Adam has picked up a stick, Jacob is now playing with two sticks, and look at Super Woman, front & center...alert and confident and ready for more French fries! (Also see the power bracelets on both of my wrists.)

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