Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cancun Report, part 3 (Views, views & more views)

Any hotel we stay at after the Le Blanc will be so disappointing in terms of vistas--it seemed that all the windows there, regardless of size, had incredible views.

Every floor had a 24-hour butler station by the elevators, and while I'm sure the butlers were too busy to look out of their windows very often, I was entranced by what I saw every time I waited for an elevator. The elevators were in a kind of tower area, with one side having a view from the hotel's front and the other side having a rear (beach) view.

Even the main lobby and bar areas had picturesque windows:

Most of the Le Blanc's rooms are built around an atrium, and since the ground floor of the atrium isn't open to the public (hotel staff only), it made a serene center for the surrounding rooms. (In the first photo below, our room is on the left.)

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